Word Processing

A word processor is used to create a text document such as a letter or a report. Our course booklet takes you step by step through the techniques needed to create a text document using Microsoft Word word processor. On this page are a few of the many questions about using a word processor which have been raised during our sessions.

Question: What is the difference between Save and Save As?

Answer: When you use Save, the current version of the document you are working on overwrites the previous version. When you use Save As you can give the document a different name or save it to a different place. You could use Save As if you wanted to keep track of different versions of a document, eg you could open a document called "Dramway version 1", make your changes and then use Save As to save it as "Dramway version 2". Both versions will then be available on your storage device.

Question: Using Word 2007, how do I move Wordart or a Clipart Picture on a page?

Answer: When you first put Wordart or a Clipart picture into a document, it is anchored to the text. To allow it to be moved freely you need to set Text Wrapping to something other than "In Line with Text". Right click on the object you want to move, select "Text Wrapping" then change it to something apart from "In line with Text".

Question: How do I create address labels for printing my Christmas cards?

Answer: Follow this link - How to create address labels