Basic Internet Exercises

This page contains a few basic exercises using the Internet. We assume that you are using Edge as your browser though other browsers work in similar ways.

Following a link to another page

Websites typically have multiple pages. To view a new page, you click on a link.

Links may be contained in a menu if the website is highly structured. You have already followed a link to this page using the menu at the top of this window. Other websites might have a menu bar on the left or right hand side of the window.

Move your cursor over the menu and notice how the cursor changes to a hand with a pointing finger when it detects a link.

Links might also be embedded into the text of a web page. These would normally be text in a different colour and/or underlined. When you move your cursor to such a link you will see it again changes to a symbol of a hand with a pointing finger. If you click with your mouse when you see this symbol, then the page indicated by the link will open.

Move your cursor over the link below and notice how the cursor changes to a hand with a pointing finger when it detects the link. Now when you see that pointing finger, click with the mouse and a new page will open. After visiting that page follow the instructions and you should come back to this page.

This is a link

Hopefully that worked ok and you are back at this page.

Links are sometimes also attached to images. You can tell whether an image has a link to it as the cursor will change to a pointing finger as you move over it.

For example move your cursor over the image below and click when you get a pointing finger:

So far the new pages have opened in the same Tab. However it is also possible for a page to open in a new tab. This can be useful as it enables you to have two web pages open at the same time for comparison.

Tabs can be seen across the top of the current window.

Following a link to a new website

As well as links to pages within the same website, links can also take you to a new website. The links below will each take you to a new website which will open in a new tab as described above. Using the tab bar you can select the page which you want to look at.

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council website

Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath Village Action

You can close down the new tabs at any time by clicking on the small x on the right of the tab.

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