iPad Guide

The following is a list of topics to cover when showing someone the basics of using an iPad:

  1. Basic switches: sleep/wake, home, lock screen, volume

  2. Cameras, earphones, power socket

  3. The screen

    1. Apps,

    2. Grouping by folders, new screens

    3. Dock area

    4. Notifications

    5. Controls

    6. Search iPad

    7. Battery and wifi indicators

  4. Gestures: tap, swipe, tap and hold, stretch and pinch, double tap, mult finger squeeze, multi finger swipe

  5. On screen keyboard, multi language, shortcuts

  6. Connecting to wifi

  7. Settings

  8. Apps and the App Store

  9. Built in Apps

      1. Mail

      2. Safari

      3. Calendar

      4. Facetime

      5. Camera

      6. Photos

      7. Notes

  10. Downloaded Apps

      1. "Pages" word processor

      2. Others.....

  11. Use of the "Cloud"


These are exercises someone could go through to get used to using an iPad:

  1. Move apps around on Home screen. Move some apps to second screen. Group apps together in folder. Move app to docking area.

  2. Use of Safari

    1. Open website, eg bbc.co.uk

    2. Scroll up/down, pinch to zoom, tap and hold a word to select, double tap to zoom in/out

    3. Navigate using links

    4. Use of back buttons

    5. Add to bookmarks

    6. Open new tab

    7. Select new site using bookmarks

    8. Close all tabs

    9. Use search, eg search for Frampton Cotterell

    10. Add link to Home screen

  3. Use of email

    1. Create new mail and send it (to self or use fccg_1@outlook.com)

    2. Add attachments

    3. Reply to mail

    4. Forward mail

    5. Delete mail

  4. Use of word processor, Pages

    1. Type in one of the simpler exercises from our book

  5. Others

    1. Add event to calendar

    2. Add contact

    3. Switch between applications using multi finger swipe

    4. Close applications