Photo Editors

One of the major advantages (and pleasures) of digital photography is the ability to edit your photos. By editing you can:

  • Crop a photo so that you concentrate only on the most significant parts of an image

  • Straighten an image if you weren't holding your camera level

  • Improve the lighting and/or contrast

  • Remove blemishes or unwanted objects

  • Create artistic effects

To edit a photo you need a photo editor program. You've got a number of choices:

  • Windows 10 has a photo editor which is adequate for the majority of photo editing tasks.

  • Download a free photo editor (eg IrfanView) or search online for the latest recommended free photo editors.

  • Use an online photo editor. These are often provided by camera or printer manufacturers.

  • Purchase a photo editor such as PhotoShop or CorelDraw

Join our digital photography course for more information about the advantages and disadvantages of the different options and learn how to get started with using some of these photo editors.