Viewing Digital Photos

Once you've downloaded your photographs on to your computer there are a number of ways of viewing them. The description below applies to Windows 7, similar facilities are available in Windows 8.


Preview allows you to look at your photos and to do basic editing such as rotating and deleting. It is very useful when you first copy your photos to your computer for quickly reviewing them and deleting those you don't want to keep.

To use Preview, open the folder where your pictures are stored and either double click on a photo or single click a photo then select Preview in the menu.

When you open a file in preview mode you can zoom in or out, rotate it or delete it using the controls at the bottom. You can also view all the photos in the current folder as a full screen slide show beginning at the photo currently being previewed.

View Slide Show

If you click on Slide Show in the menu, you will start a full screen slide show beginning at the first photo in the folder. If you want to change the speed or to exit from the slide show, Right Click and select from the pop up menu.

Using your photos as a desktop background or a screensaver